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Pin & Tack Hearts Animal Place

Pin & Tack loves Animal Place and let me count the ways . . .

1. Animal Place provides a permanent home to animals from farms (big & small), slaughterhouses, and research facilities.


2. Animal Place “strives to create meaningful change for farmed animals through advocacy and education.”

3. Animal Place promotes veganism through publications and cooking classes.


For February, Pin & Tack will be supporting Animal Place with $1 from every item sold at the shops.  However, I always encourage you to donate directly.

Your support will help this organization continue to provide the animals everything they need to have a healthy, happy life. And every animal deserves that!

Blessings & joy, yours truly . . . Corrinne Quinn


Why, Oh Why . . . This Shop O’ Mine

First things first, my name is Corrinne Quinn. I am the sole person behind Pin & Tack, which is my handmade shop. It’s came from the fact that it features clothes pins & thumb tacks. If someone told me that I would be selling these things a few years back, I would have laughed.

It all began when I lost my job. There wasn’t a lot of prospects because the economy was bad & unemployment was high. I’d been scrapbooking for a couple years, but I’ve always been crafty. Thanks, Mom! When I discovered Etsy, I decided to create my own job. I was going to sell soap & cards. Easy enough.

Tinkerbell Handmade Card, circa 2010

Tinkerbell Handmade Card, circa 2010

Uh . . yeah. Uh . . no. Uh . . what else was I going to do?

I’m just a wee bit fiery about new projects, so I researched soap, bought the supplies, & started making it. It was so freaking cool! I made soap, bath salts, & bath bombs. With my own hands. With ingredients that I could read. With joy and love.

At the time, Etsy had Alchemy, which is how I got my first sale.


January 20, 2010: My first Etsy sale!

I was creating cards, craft supplies & soap. I was going to be the queen of soap. Oh, yes, I was. Crafters everywhere were going to use my supplies in their projects. People would be enjoying my cards gifted by others.

Well, people did. Somewhat. However, as with life in general, my path went different directions. I’m no longer selling soap, but I’m looking into starting again. Cards are more for challenges and sending to my niece, nephew & other family members.

I found my niche – the pins, peeps. Oh, those fabulous pins. And tacks. I’m blessed with and love it so much. Now, it’s changed even more as I work a “day” job, so this shop is about supporting other important matters rather than my rent, food & car insurance.

Cream & Tea Rose Distressed Clothes Pins with Boutique Bows

Cream & Tea Rose Distressed Clothes Pins with Boutique Bows

Pin & Tack will donate a portion of EACH sale to a charity or organization that does good work. This month, it’s Pigs Peace Sanctuary. I encourage you and yours to support it or another place that needs the help.


So, that’s a bit of the why. How about you: Got shop? Got charity? Let’s be social . . .

5 Facts You May Not Know About Pigs

I am donating $1 from each item at Pin & Tack sold to Pigs Peace Sanctuary, who provides a safe haven for abused, neglected and/or unwanted pigs.

Albert at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Albert at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Many people are raised to only view pigs as “food.” A commodity to be be used, abused and disregarded. However, they are intelligent, social creatures.

Did you know . . . ?

– Pigs are more intelligent than dogs or 3-year-old humans.

– Pigs are clean animals. They will not soil the areas that they sleep or eat in.

– Pigs prefer to eat slowly and savor their food. They do not “pig out.” Also, they can be picky eaters. Like humans, they develop food preferences.

– Pigs will wag their tails when they are content & happy.

– Pigs are affected by seasons. During the winter when its gray & gloomy, they may be irritable and sleep more. While in the Spring, they are energized and “dance” about.

– Pigs may have poor eyesight, but their sense of smell is great!

I encourage you to learn more about pigs and donate either time or money to protect & support these amazing animals. To get you started, discover all there is to know about Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

5 Piggy Reasons To Join With Pin & Tack

This month, Pin & Tack is donating $1 from every item sold to Pigs Peace Sanctuary, who provides pigs and other animals with a loving home. These pigs have a past of abuse, neglect or a destiny of death. Without support from you & I, they wouldn’t be able to live their days as they should: free, happy & filled with love!



These are only 5 of the reasons I support this sanctuary. There are 100s more! By clicking the pigs’ names, you can discover more about their life story before and after being saved.

1. Buttercup & Harvey: This goose & pig share a dog house while being the sanctuary’s ambassadors.

2. Mitzi: Coming from medical research, Mitzi was never physically strong, but she was happy.

3. Chester: From a factory farm where he was destined to be bacon, Chester now has a pony friend!

4. Albert: This pig was brought out of depression from living in a factory farm by spaghetti.

5. Posh: Her beginning was locked in a carrier with only cornflakes to eat. Now, she is free & happy.

I invite my artsy & crafty friends to share a project featuring animals in Pin & Tack’s Arts & Crafts Challenge. For every entry, $0.10 will be donated to the pigs. Being creative will help animals in need, so don’t delay as this challenge ends on December 14th.

I also encourage you to donate directly. Pigs Peace Sanctuary is always in need of funds to provide the necessities for the animals saved!