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Craft It Up With Pin & Tack – Arts & Crafts Challenge #3

It’s February – WOWZERS! This year is moving quickly, but there’s always time to craft. So, let’s not waste a moment and get to the details . . .

{Anything Goes with Heart}

To join in the challenge, your craft must include a heart or the word “love.” Simple enough, right? Well, I hope so since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner 😉 This challenge ends on Friday, February 14th at 11:55 PM.

Click here to share your creativity and you could just win a prize while supporting animals.


Digital arts are welcome, too – Here is one I made using FREE papers from Jennifer Scraps.

Blessings & joy, yours truly . . . Corrinne Quinn


6 Favorite Finds For Friday: Blues, Butterflies & Dresses

A small collection of handmade finds . . .


(Source, Clockwise: 1. Art Print – Country Garden, 2. Greeting Card – Jojo Larue, 3. Tatted Butterflies – Sue Runyou Designs, 4. Painting – Ebi Emporium, 5. Cupcake Toppers – Auntie’s Jammies, 6. Hipster Bag – Mama Mahoney Creations)

Craft It Up With Pin & Tack: Arts & Crafts Challenge #2

Welcome! This challenge will be held at Pin & Tack’s other blog. I am only able to use a “hidden” list on WordPress, which I do not like. I am sorry for any inconvenience!

Below are a few of the details . . .

{ Challenge: Anything Goes with Sparkle }

To join in, create any arts &/or craft project with “sparkle.” Examples of sparkle include glitter, rhinestones, or shiny metal.

This challenge ends on Tuesday, January 14th at 11:59 PM PST. Winner will be announced no later than Saturday, January 18th.

{ Prizes }

Two crafters will win a set of handcrafted Sapphire Thumb Tacks by moi. These rhinestones are a deep blue that will sparkle up your cork board.


{ Charity }

For every entry, $0.10 (up to $50 total) will be donated to Dogs For The Deaf, who rescues & professionally trains dogs to assist people, enhancing their lives & provide greater independence.

Share this challenge with as many people as you can, so they will receive the full amount! You can also donate directly at the link above.

Please make sure that you submit your entry here, though.

Mixed Media Is A Pecking Bird By The Sea

Jane Ryan is an interesting mixed media artist, who describes her art projects as toys for adults. They have “very simple mechanisms designed to charm rather than amaze.” And charm they do.

Seaside Love Machine, Jane Ryan - OPIWORKS

Seaside Love Machine, Jane Ryan – OPIWORKS

The simple mechanics offer a bit of fun. By turning a handle, you get to see a heart beat, birds pecking a tree stump or little boats rock back and forth. It’s a perfectly whimsical place by the sea.

Seabirds, Jane Ryan - OPIWORKS

Seabirds, Jane Ryan – OPIWORKS

She uses a lot of reclaimed wood, which gives a beautiful and natural look to her art. While you will see many of the same themes, each piece is unique and often inspired by the sea.

Small Rocking Boat, Jane Ryan - OPIWORKS

Small Rocking Boat, Jane Ryan – OPIWORKS

Connect (Facebook): Jane Ryan OPI, Explore (Blog): OPI Toys, and Shop (Etsy): OPIWORKS

Why Work Of Our Hands Is Important

Imagine: Surviving on $2 a day. I can’t, but these women & their families do. Everyday. Now, that is a difficult life, but Valerie Garber decided to make a change by establishing Work Of Our Hands, a non-profit that teaches handmade craft skills to the unemployed in Nambia, Africa.

1. Give dignity & hope for the unemployed. When children are starving and there is no work, life can be depression,

2. Teach handcrafting and business skills.

Valerie teaching how to bead.

3. Impart new life skills and new ways of thinking.

4. Establishing self-employment and independence.

To support Work Of Our Hands, pick up their handmade creations at their shop, African Whimsy. You can also discover more about the community at their blog.

This holiday, be thankful for what you have, share it and support those that don’t and continue to do so after the “season” ends. It’s what life should be about whether it’s Christmas or not!

People Are Fish, Too!

[Sophie Metcalfe and I met via Vegans Worldwide. She is the first of what I hope will be many vegan artists and crafters that I will introduce to you. Thank you, Sophie, for sharing yourself & your art with us!]
“I sell my illustration prints inspired by divinity, the ethereal and spirituality. I’m planning on adding vegan-inspired art into my shop. I would like to do original watercolors with a positive energy to them. Maybe get postcards & greeting cards made from them to spread the vegan love!”
We’re All The Same . . .
“I’m a 22 year old Textile and Surface Design student; however, I have a passion for all art. My shop name originated from an illustration I did (of a fish), in which I wanted to portray the only thing that separates an animal from a human is the body. If you look beyond this, we’re all the same.”
“And this is the reason why I’m vegan. You look into the eyes of an animal and you see purity. There’s really no justification or reason to hurt or harm an animal in anyway.”
Be The Change You Wish To See . . . 
“I’m a big believer in revolution and change! It was that Gandhi quote that got me. ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ I realised revolution is possible, it is just ourselves that stop it.”
Believe In The Impossible . . .
“I believe in the impossible. The dream is to live in the country with lots of rescued animals and a big organic fruit & vegetable garden. I would love to live in a world that didn’t revolve around
money. I hope to go travelling one day.”
“I support C-A-L-F. They rescue farm animals and have a vegan cafe near where I live. They’re a non-profit and all the funds go to the animals.”
Discover, Explore & Share . . . with Sophie Metcalfe via People Are Fish, Too shop, Tumblr

Craft It Up with Pin & Tack: Winners! (Arts & Crafts Challenge #1)

Thank you to everyone that joined the challenge. While there wasn’t A LOT, there was still plenty to peruse and enjoy. $1.60 will be added to the donations for Pigs Peace Sanctuary. If you’d like to donate directly, please do!


Congrats, Gail S. You are the winner of one felt pooch from Doireann Cody Crafts. Please send your shipping address to, so I can have it shipped directly to your door.


Unfortunately, I didn’t see any followers of this blog that entered, so my Cream & Smoke Distressed Mini Pins will not be enjoyed. However, you may see them again in another challenge. Of course, you are welcome to purchase a set (or two – wink) at Pin & Tack.

NEW CHALLENGE starts January 1st. A new year begins with new inspiration & prizes to be had. I hope to see your crafty selves again 🙂