{ Dogs For The Deaf – January 2014 }

$1 from every listing sold will be donated to Dogs For The Deaf in January.

Dogs For The Deaf rescues dogs and professionally trains them to assist people, enhancing lives & providing greater independence. Dogs that don’t make the “cut” are available for adoption. They are located in Central Point, Oregon, which is local for Pin & Tack!
{ Pigs Peace Sanctuary – November, December 2013 }

UPDATE: $233 was donated to Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

$1 from every regular-priced, non-sale item will be donated to Pigs Peace Sanctuary in November.
Located in Washington, Pigs Peace Sanctuary provides a safe haven for abused, neglected or unwanted pigs and other animals.
On November 15th, join us at the Harvest Supper hosted by the vegan caterer. This event’s proceeds will go to this special organization that is committed to spreading the word of compassion and respect for all animals!
{ Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October 2013}
UPDATE: $50 was donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
In the month of October, all regular-priced pink items will provide $1 towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation (or NBCF.) Over 80% of all spending by the NBCF will go to programs that benefit women, such as breast health services and free mammograms for women in need.
Please join Pin & Tack by offering your own donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and your fellow women & men.
If you will be offering your own charitable donations through your shop, hosting or participating in a Breast Cancer Awareness event, I would be happy to share on this blog and other social medias.

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