In Loving Memory

A family dog is simply that – family. They are a companion through & through with unconditional love that’s hard to find elsewhere. My dogs of past were Molly & Lily Belle.

Molly was a black lab with a big heart, who watched over my siblings and I when were children. She was like Nana from Peter Pan. In those days, my parents didn’t get a babysitter. We had Molly, who protected us. Very, very unfortunately, she was hit by a car and passed.

Lily Belle was a golden retriever, who was a big sweetheart that was always available to offer friendship & love. I still remember her as a pup that seemed to know her name & place as an important member of our family from the start. Sadly, Lily Belle has passed on, but she did live to a ripe old age.

Do you have a dog that is no longer here? There are many ways to honor them. You can share your adventures with others and/or display a memorial. (The items below would also be lovely gifts of sympathy for those that have lost their pet.)

PetMemorial(Source, Clockwise: 1. Garden Stone, 2. Plant Stake, 3. Necklace, 4. Plantable Paper Bones.)

I am always blessed with my furry companions and children. They truly show you what it means to adore & love without judgment or requirements.

Share your furry loved ones with us in the comments – whether they are dogs or not!

Blessings & joy, yours truly . . . Corrinne Quinn


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