Send Card Not Email . . . Golden Browns

Send Card Not Email . . . This is a special feature on Pin & Tack’s FB page. However, I wanted to share it here as well because I am a strong promoter of handmade arts & crafts.

There’s just something special about receiving a handmade card in the mail. This allows the recipient to hold the card in their two hands, see the details up close, and read a special handwritten note from you.

The next time you need to send a greeting, consider sending something made by an individual not a printing machine or a computer.


(Source, Clockwise: 1. Bird – A Penny For Your Thoughts, 2. Latte – Cards by Li Be, 3. Button – The Little Things, 4. Cat – Lovely Things by Capable Hands, 5. Butterfly – Linda Lewis)

All of these handmade cards are available via Artfire. What’s Artfire? It’s similar to Etsy and hosts handmade artists and crafters’ shops. Another great source for all things handmade. You don’t need an account like Etsy, though, to shop. Take a look and you’re welcome to stop by Pin & Tack’s shop there, too!


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