Why, Oh Why . . . This Shop O’ Mine

First things first, my name is Corrinne Quinn. I am the sole person behind Pin & Tack, which is my handmade shop. It’s came from the fact that it features clothes pins & thumb tacks. If someone told me that I would be selling these things a few years back, I would have laughed.

It all began when I lost my job. There wasn’t a lot of prospects because the economy was bad & unemployment was high. I’d been scrapbooking for a couple years, but I’ve always been crafty. Thanks, Mom! When I discovered Etsy, I decided to create my own job. I was going to sell soap & cards. Easy enough.

Tinkerbell Handmade Card, circa 2010

Tinkerbell Handmade Card, circa 2010

Uh . . yeah. Uh . . no. Uh . . what else was I going to do?

I’m just a wee bit fiery about new projects, so I researched soap, bought the supplies, & started making it. It was so freaking cool! I made soap, bath salts, & bath bombs. With my own hands. With ingredients that I could read. With joy and love.

At the time, Etsy had Alchemy, which is how I got my first sale.


January 20, 2010: My first Etsy sale!

I was creating cards, craft supplies & soap. I was going to be the queen of soap. Oh, yes, I was. Crafters everywhere were going to use my supplies in their projects. People would be enjoying my cards gifted by others.

Well, people did. Somewhat. However, as with life in general, my path went different directions. I’m no longer selling soap, but I’m looking into starting again. Cards are more for challenges and sending to my niece, nephew & other family members.

I found my niche – the pins, peeps. Oh, those fabulous pins. And tacks. I’m blessed with and love it so much. Now, it’s changed even more as I work a “day” job, so this shop is about supporting other important matters rather than my rent, food & car insurance.

Cream & Tea Rose Distressed Clothes Pins with Boutique Bows

Cream & Tea Rose Distressed Clothes Pins with Boutique Bows

Pin & Tack will donate a portion of EACH sale to a charity or organization that does good work. This month, it’s Pigs Peace Sanctuary. I encourage you and yours to support it or another place that needs the help.


So, that’s a bit of the why. How about you: Got shop? Got charity? Let’s be social . . .


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