People Are Fish, Too!

[Sophie Metcalfe and I met via Vegans Worldwide. She is the first of what I hope will be many vegan artists and crafters that I will introduce to you. Thank you, Sophie, for sharing yourself & your art with us!]
“I sell my illustration prints inspired by divinity, the ethereal and spirituality. I’m planning on adding vegan-inspired art into my shop. I would like to do original watercolors with a positive energy to them. Maybe get postcards & greeting cards made from them to spread the vegan love!”
We’re All The Same . . .
“I’m a 22 year old Textile and Surface Design student; however, I have a passion for all art. My shop name originated from an illustration I did (of a fish), in which I wanted to portray the only thing that separates an animal from a human is the body. If you look beyond this, we’re all the same.”
“And this is the reason why I’m vegan. You look into the eyes of an animal and you see purity. There’s really no justification or reason to hurt or harm an animal in anyway.”
Be The Change You Wish To See . . . 
“I’m a big believer in revolution and change! It was that Gandhi quote that got me. ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ I realised revolution is possible, it is just ourselves that stop it.”
Believe In The Impossible . . .
“I believe in the impossible. The dream is to live in the country with lots of rescued animals and a big organic fruit & vegetable garden. I would love to live in a world that didn’t revolve around
money. I hope to go travelling one day.”
“I support C-A-L-F. They rescue farm animals and have a vegan cafe near where I live. They’re a non-profit and all the funds go to the animals.”
Discover, Explore & Share . . . with Sophie Metcalfe via People Are Fish, Too shop, Tumblr

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