5 Piggy Reasons To Join With Pin & Tack

This month, Pin & Tack is donating $1 from every item sold to Pigs Peace Sanctuary, who provides pigs and other animals with a loving home. These pigs have a past of abuse, neglect or a destiny of death. Without support from you & I, they wouldn’t be able to live their days as they should: free, happy & filled with love!



These are only 5 of the reasons I support this sanctuary. There are 100s more! By clicking the pigs’ names, you can discover more about their life story before and after being saved.

1. Buttercup & Harvey: This goose & pig share a dog house while being the sanctuary’s ambassadors.

2. Mitzi: Coming from medical research, Mitzi was never physically strong, but she was happy.

3. Chester: From a factory farm where he was destined to be bacon, Chester now has a pony friend!

4. Albert: This pig was brought out of depression from living in a factory farm by spaghetti.

5. Posh: Her beginning was locked in a carrier with only cornflakes to eat. Now, she is free & happy.

I invite my artsy & crafty friends to share a project featuring animals in Pin & Tack’s Arts & Crafts Challenge. For every entry, $0.10 will be donated to the pigs. Being creative will help animals in need, so don’t delay as this challenge ends on December 14th.

I also encourage you to donate directly. Pigs Peace Sanctuary is always in need of funds to provide the necessities for the animals saved!



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